Fasma 2017 Drum Machine

Teensy based Drum Machine designed for Fasma 2017  DIY workshop.


  • 4 voices (Kick, Tom, Snare and Hat) 2 Digital Oscillator modules, 2 PCM sample playback
  • 4 parameter controls per each voice. Pitch, Decay, Pitch Modulation and Distortion.
  • 16 step tap patterns.
  • Automation record per each step and randomizing automation.
  • 4 patters, can be permanently stored on the device together with the Automation data.
  • Up to 8 patterns sequence chain.
  • Clock In and Out put. Can be master or slave device.
  • Line out and headphone output with volume control.
  • Muting voices, possibility to erase individual voices or whole patterns.
  • Metronome.
  • 9V battery powered, up to 7.5 hours running time.
  • Auto power off for battery saving.
  • Hackable and open source.
  • DIY friendly 0805 components.

+9V Battery: 60 mA

Design Files:

How to Update to latest Firmware.